Jan 28, 2014

Good Night, Irene

It's declasse around here to say anything nice -- even one tiny word -- about "folk" music and its performers.

Sorry about that, guys, but anyone slapped down hard by J. Edgar Hoover and Nixon's HUAC had to have something going for him

RIP Pete Seeger.


Anonymous said...

Noticed recently you have changed the appearance of your blogpage. For what it's worth, I liked the old one better. JAGSC

Anonymous said...

Yea, so did I. And Pete Seeger is still a Commie, just now a dead one.

John of the GMA

Jim said...

That makes three of us. Still tinkering to get closer to the original.

And yeah, Seegar was a Commie. But Nixon couldn't play the banjo.

Lisa said...

I'll be the contrarian - I like this version better.