Feb 27, 2010

A lust for bacon

It took 55 dead pigs to make this event possible.

Living in the No. 1 hog state exposes a guy to the occasional unpleasant smell, but, on the other hand it does place one closer to a number of very high-toned cultural events.

Tsunami Reports

Putting together reports from my electric teevee and a bunch of internet sources, it looks as though my old Pago Pago stomping grounds escaped anything too damaging.

It's strange for an old wind-in-the-hair reporter to be feeling so connected, so cyber-something. We used to travel with pockets full of dimes and five-dollar bills. The dimes worked the pay phones. The fives paid kids to hog the booths for us until we were ready to file on breaking stuff. That was considered clever communication.


I can't resist noting the undisguisable hint of disappointment apparent in the tone of MSNBC news creatures who pointed cameras at a Diamond Head beach for hours and hours and were rewarded with about out the same level of hydraulic excitement you'd get tossing Al Franken into a swimming pool.

Pacific Tsunami

A hunk of my heart was left in the South Pacific, so I'm watching with some fear the reports of the tsunami's progress across the Pacific. Good luck out there.

Feb 26, 2010

The Roy Rogers Laser Sight

Funny, and I also take it as an ironic comment on rampant gear queerity.

Hat Tip to Tam