Apr 30, 2010

THAT'S what I'm talking about

"Goldman Share Plunge as Feds Launch Criminal Probe."

Senators may return to their bourbon and branch at The Monocle. The professionals (we hope) are taking over.

He who sells what isn't his'n
Must buy it back or got to prison.

Climate change Down Under

Several dozen Australian climate clowns are getting back into the VW bug. Canberra- mandated cap and trade is dead until at least 2013, and the WSJ offers this tasty lede:

Australian Prime Minister and climate moralist-in-chief Kevin Rudd announced the shelving of cap-and-trade legislation until 2013. He blamed the delay on his political opponents and "slow progress" on a multilateral accord.

Meaning, in plainer terms, "Too many voters are starting to see through this crap."

But Ruddy knows all is not lost in his drive to turn every Australian into a state-dependent thumb sucker. He's continuing his campaign to frighten his subjects into submission with further attacks on smokers and the health industry.

If, 30 years ago, you had told me the moonheadedness of Sidney Webb would catch on so well in Australia, I'd have called you loco.

Apr 29, 2010

...I coont evin spel injunir

and now I are one.

The re-clutched pickup is home and purring, ready for work and adventure just as soon as I and my junk pile rectify a Detroit error.

In the Vietnam era some blockheaded American truck designer decided a pickup spare should ride under the bed in order to make it inaccessible in conditions of mud, snow, and, most laughably, when one of the rear tires was flat. Enhanced hilarity resulted from the construction materials, uncoated mild steel warranted to rust tight within eight months or 8,000 miles. The satanic assembly on mine gave up a couple of years ago, and since then the spare has rattled around in the box or the passenger seat making, like His Obamaness, a general nuisance of itself.

Finally fed up, this peasant revolts, and today begins the process. A huge bolt, two short chains, and a small box of hefty eye bolts and other connecting gizmos will put the tire where it belongs: riding high and snugly on the front bumper.

It will serve a secondary purpose, absorbing excess energy when the driver accidentally dead centers teevee anchor persons, city council members, zoning enforcement officers and suchlike.


And as the sun sinks slowly in the westerrn sky, only the tidying up remains. The mount is stronger with the rim mounted inside out, so substantial
derustification is in order.

This gorilla drilled the half-inch holes in the bumper, and it's shown here to illustrate for the young that Black and Decker once had a higher glory than capturing shelf space at WalMart. There was a time you bought a B&D and bragged about it. Men used them hard for decades, then passed them down to their sons.

Apr 28, 2010

Going Arizona One Better on Illegals

Chip him, Dan-O. Trespassing One.

That's the immigration control solution of a guy actually running for congress in these parts.

Pat says what works for keeping track of his dog ought to be excellent for keeping tabs on illegals.

The Hell of it is, he probably isn't the Republican who will finish last in the primary. Worse, there's probably no way we can revoke his license to reproduce.