Jun 5, 2010

Fresh .45 fodder

The rain is putting my home improvement drive  on hold, so it's back to the loading shack. There's enough componentry on hand to build close to 200  .45 ACP rounds. About half of them will be 230-grain fmjs, the rest 200 grain cast semi-wadcutters.

A  conservative  (n)  grains of Unique has been  standard here for the 1911s, but  I've recently acquired a post-lawyered Colt Series 70 with that "accuracy" barrel bushing/collet.  The collet and heavy recoil spring create a stiff action, so I want  to  concoct a more authoritative load.

(There are four or five suitable pistol powders on hand, but somehow  I always seem to just tinker with the amount of Unique, and I suppose that will happen this time, too.  What the heck would we do without that powder?)

Jun 4, 2010

Please shut up about it, Mr. President

This news cycle His Obamaness is "furious." That might be worse than a couple-three days ago when he  was "outraged."

Or might not; I am not in the White House Press Office loop on choosing modifiers to specify the exact status of  the Presidential Nervous System.

We are  within our rights  to ask the President to close his gaping gulf of a mouth  unless he has something reasonable to say about either capping the well or mitigating the effects of the spill.  We do not need, Sir, blow by blow accounts of the  state of your emotional innards.


Charles Mackay

"Men think in herds, go mad in herds, but recover their senses one by one ..."

Jun 1, 2010

Bye, Tipper; See ya around, Al

She heard him singing "Roll Me Over" in the shower?

Or maybe she's just looking for a winner. 

Whe gets the carbon credits?