Dec 28, 2010

A little while ago I wrote about $4 bacon. Looks like I understated the case. As bad as 2010 is, next year looks worse for the two basic food groups, i.e., (1) bacon and (2) everything lese.

More government-mandated and subsidized corn likker is going into our Suburbans and Lexi.  That makes corn dearer. Right now it's trading at an amazing $6+ a bushel. That means it is harder for pig farmers to make a buck. That means they're not so anxious to raise pigs. That means fewer critters on the market. That means higher-priced pig parts.

No such post would be complete without a reminder that the Washington payday loan office operated by Bernanke and Geithner plays a leading role in this stunning remake of that movie classic, "March to Weimar."


Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought of myself as an
agrothug, but I kinda like the idea
of at least $4 corn. $6 is a bit
excessive, but speculators abound.
Anon, Don

Lisa said...

All hail the pork fat!