Dec 4, 2010

Show Time

Another weekend, another show

   Another Loophole, where we will go...

(With apologies to Cole Porter, PBUH, too.)


This is one of the small country shows, at the Jackson National Guard Armory.  We expect a high proportion of hobbyists behind the tables, trying to unload their old surplus  stuff. That interests us more than acres of dealers loaded down with black guns or, at best,  the latest factory output of ho-hum quality attached to birch stocks.

My inner thug is telling me I really ought to own another handgun or two.  For one thing, my shelves are fat with .38 Special and .357 Magnum rounds, and the only shooter I own for them is a Taurus snubby. I hear Pythons are pretty nice.


My loopholing  habits have changed.  When the world was a better place, I'd always toss in a few pieces I was tired of for trading stock. No more. I and most of my comrades have adopted the never-sell-a-gun philosophy. We keep them all  on grounds that the Messers Bernanke and Geithner can't press a computer key and create 60 billion Colts and Winchesters out of thin air.


ChuckAtPodunkOutpost said...

Heck, for the cost of a Python you can buy a whole Dan Wesson pack...


George said...

Firearms choices are very personal. One cannot have too many guns.

Britt said...

For burning through that excess stockpile, see if you can find a SW Model 28. I love mine.

Firehand said...

'Excess stockpile'? What is this thing you speak of?