Nov 22, 2008

Now there are some real Luddites

For 74 years,  Roxbury, Vermont, library patrons  had to run next door to an accommodating church to answer natural calls.  Now, the AP reports, the old place is getting  indoor plumbing. 

The new  biffy en suite may  be a fine thing, but let not the era pass without a salute to generations of Roxburians willing to hold on for  a couple more excruciatingly cross-legged  moments  in order to see how Travis handles Puss Killian's note of adieu.

And then there's that  other nice Vermont characteristic. Those guys actually believe the Constitution means what it says about good folks going armed, so a law-abiding guy can slip his 1911A1 in his waist band and go for a walk, no permission required.  (I can carry here in Smugistan, too, but I had to ask 

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