Dec 2, 2008

Gun fun

The spare mainspring housing is supposed to be on its way. Machining  a couple of grooves to take the shoulder stock will be about an hour of pleasant work.  I will then need  to prepare a brief justifying  a carbine-ized  .45ACP Model 1911 as a  legitimate sporting instrument.  

The working hypothesis is that pissing off  horrified left-wing moonbats is a legitimate sport. 



Amy said...

You already paid the SBR tax, or are you planning to spend your sunset years in the Greybar Hotel?

John W

ps - I ain't signin' this time!
pps - and I ain't gettin' posted, either. Okay, back to "Amy".

Jim said...

I just need to remember to put the 16 1/4 - inch barrel in +before+ I screw on the stock. Then I'm a certified good little boy before God,man, and the ATF.