Jun 20, 2009

The health football

The Senate has the cost of the new mandatory health insurance bill down to something like $850 billion. The proposed law is only 850 pages long, so you can be sure your own congressthing will be reading it thoughtfully and in full.

The good news is that everybody seems to be going along with Baucus and Grassley, +marginally+ less dangerous than Dodds who is becoming an object of amusement around the Capitol these days. "Pass my bill. Mine! Mine!"

The bad news is that the usual herd of lefties is still demanding the bill be moved through to law at warp speed. I understand their concern for haste at the expense of good sense. Just look at all those uninsured dead bodies piling up outside the hospitals.


The Old Man said...

Son, came here from Tam's. Title alone made me bookmark.
Lookin' to see iffen you're worth linking. I'm prolly not, but I do have fun. Nice job - so far.

(expeter for a verification? OOooohhhh..)

JohnW said...

When the congresscritters leave their own sweetheart program and join up with this new whizbang - c.f. their juicy retirement program - then we might give it some consideration. Until then...