Jun 10, 2009


A retiring insurance guy wants to sell me "Dad's"  guns:

--870 Wingmaster

--"old Marlin 12 gauge pump  shotgun"

--  Remington 12c (probably, description sketchy)  in .22 WRF

-- Police Positive also  in .22WRF.  

 I see them tomorrow and meanwhile  rely on,  "Oh yeah, its real nice. Really great for its age. I shot it and it works great. But it hasn't been shot much.  I been checking around and the guys tell me the Colt is worth about $900 by itself and the ...".

I could keep the 870 as a spare birder. The others would be traders, though  it's always nice to have another Colt kicking around the collection.  Probably nothing will come of this. I see about $750 worth of value, and I think he figures  about twice that. What can you expect from a guy who spent his life telling people 20-pay life was a good deal?


JohnW said...

I can't seem to locate my Craftsman 1/4 inch nitpicker right now, but are you sure you mean .22WRF? If so...

Jim said...

Yep. Three-two Win-damn-chester Rip Fire. It's a good-looking piece, but not as scarce or valuable as a guy might expect. we're dickering the in 900 range and not too far apart, but this collection is not one that blows seductively in my ear and whispers "take me you fool." If you happen to be interested in the in the 12C in .22 Remington Special, shoot me a private email.

Jim said...

Last post mernt two-two, not three-two. Sheesh.

.22 WRF!