Sep 3, 2009

The Free State of Montana

A near-new Texsun camper followed me home the other day, and I decided to keep it. With a little luck, in another week or so it will be back on the 150, pointed westward toward the fur trade country with a stop at the Little Big Horn to honor the military genius of Lt. Col. Custer.

A routine part of any trip is a check of the state firearms laws along my route.
As you'd guess, the Regulators of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah aren't likely to get pantywadded over my veritable arsenal and cache of ammunition, but in checking Montana I was reminded of something wonderful. It is the Montana Firearms Freedom Act which, in essence, tells DeeCee to go regulate up a rope about guns and accessories made in and kept in Montana.

I probably need to be back home before Oct. 1 when it becomes effective. Too bad. I envision buying a Bozeman Trail Silencer for my Bridger Big Rifle, Cal. One Hundred Fifty. I would post a picture here of them and me, defended against the feds by the entire Montana polity, maybe even including the Big Sky National Guard. Damn!! Course I'd have to stay there if I wanted to keep my goodies, but there are worse places to hang out.

(John Steinbeck in "Travels with Charley:" "If I could live away from the sea I would live in Montana.")

Let's hear it for Montana, not afraid to bell the federal pussy. They'll lose in the courts, of course, but the point will be loudly made that some Americans still give a serious damn about the principle of federalism and about Amendments 2, 9, and 10.

No court can change the other pleasant result - the soiled-linen state of the Kalispell liberals -- Redford, Sarandon, that bunch.


Jinglebob said...

Are you going to be getting to the Black Hills? If so, I'd love to meet up with you and buy you a beverage. Hell, for that matter, you could park the camper at our ranch and we'd do a little target shooting! :)

Anonymous said...

When last we met at the situs of Custer's last parade, I was convinced again that he was an egomanical idiot. Nothing since has covinced me otherwise. Should you find new evidence, inform propmtly. JAGSCinicaven

Tennessee Budd said...

My state has passed the same sort of law. As you said, it'll get killed, but it shouldn't (that Tenth Amendment thing).

Jim said...

Budd - As the courts kill the Constitution affirmers, let's vow to make a good deal of noise. These things -- as I think the legislators intended -- go way beyond gun rights. Actually, California should enact a clone of the Montana and Tennessee firearms bills to help illustrate the federalist thinking behind its medical marijuana act.

JAGS - Meet me there again? Maybe this time we can siddown for a nice long jaw. And yep. I promise to let you know if I decide Custer was just a random victim of cruel fate.

Jinglebob - One of the most pleasant things about blogging is an invitation like yours. I'll probably be passing through the hills, and I'll let you know as the schedule develops. (BTW, that is a fine photo on your page; the America west lives.)

Jinglebob said...

Thanks for the compliment on the photo. It was taken by my friend and wonderful artist, Karen Bonnie, who lives in south western Colorado.

Drop me an email with your number or where I can get you mine, tho' I think it's on my website somewhere.