Sep 8, 2009

The Grave-Spinning Lord Baden-Powell

Alternate title: Speechless.

Roberta reports that Adult (uh huh) Leaders have made Britain safer by ordering Boy Scouts to quit carrying their pocket knives.


bdickens said...

Instead of taking such an incremental, peicemeal approach, [not so] Great [any more] Britain should og ahead and solve all their problems in one fell swoop by just outlawing meanness.

Lisa said...

What he said. (But how are they going to cut their bangers for mash?)

Jim said...

Agreed, Lisa.

BD, that was classic.

Shane Pleasance said...

I was over in UK recently, and there was actually an advert on TV - the theme was - 'carry a knife in town, you will end up in prison'. I kid you not. They gracefully omitted any possible stages in between.