Nov 19, 2009

A correct understanding

A direct steal from Kevin at The Smallest Minority,

"As Congressman Adam Putnam put it, governments only do two things well: nothing, and overreact. "

It's from his commentary on a letter in which a Canadian woman applauds the possible end of that country's long-gun registration system, but it has much wider application.

One of the more ignorant things we do is assume that governments are competent.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of overreacting, I am afraid the lastest congressional three-ring circus, euphemistically known as "hearings", concerning the Ft. Hood shooter will so muddy the water that neither side can get a fair hearing and the government might well lose its case. JAGSC

Anonymous said...

Bad, bad fingers. That should read, "latest congressional"....JAGSC

Jim said...

That makes me try to remember the case in which a president went on the tube to denounce some guy for a heinous crime long before the suspect even went to trial. Nixon, I think, but the files drawers are sticky on everything else.