Dec 6, 2009

The Arming of America; The Warming of the World

This is from NJT and rates a read.

In 2002, for about one nanosecond and thanks to the exposure of Bellesailles, the entire sentient world was willing to concede that academia houses as many frauds as any other profession. I hope for the same -- with a little longer shelf life -- in the wake of the email that suggests that the global warming panic owes its existence to hot air from and hanky panky by alleged scientists anxious for their own 15 minutes.

An aside: Bellesailles has just this year found steady work again. He's teaching history at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain. This fact is offered as a public service for parents helping their children choose a place of higher learning.

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coolcol said...

So, Bellesailles has floated to the top again like the light weight turd he is. As a 58 year old college junior with a History major, I particularly do not like him. He represents the worst of academe and ranks with the global warming liars. He was doing the expatriate thing in Europe where America hating sells. Now you say he is back? He will bear watching. Keep up the good work brother. MWD