Dec 9, 2009

The Royal O

Loopy leftist Congressman Conyers is rather well known for saying what ever loony thing pops into his head, even if if it "demeans" His Obamaness. And when the President reacts with a telephone call to the Detroit congressperson and orders him to stop "demeaning" him, we have something to worry about.


Mr. President:

George Washington (you can Google him if necessary) turned down dozens of proposals to refer to himself as "Your Excellency" or similar royal appellations. He thought the chief executive was entitled to a "Mister," just like any other citizen, deserving of a generalized respect, personal courtesy, and, during office hours, an effort by all to establish good working relationships. I doubt that the American citizenry will be well served if you continue to insist on all that plus the sacredness of your person.


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