Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year; Now Let's Get Organized

A.D. 2009 was what it was, and the chore now is to manage A.D. 2010. I just re-read my greeting from a year ago, and it still seems pertinent .

There's a good deal of plain wise-assery in The McGee Reader, and no change is foreseen. But crude and vulgar bile promulgated to the public should rest on some kind of philosophical and intellectual basis, to wit:

Three kinds of people exist.

(1) authoritarians -- the stunted cretins who wish to use government to dictate the manner in which you live your life

(2) libertarians -- the opposite, believers in personal sovereignty who suspect that things like the United States Constitution mean pretty much what they say

(3) inerts -- those who, in return for potted chickens, put authoritarians in power

Happy New Year, friends.

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