Feb 15, 2010

Re-registering disgust

The wires are reporting that the woman accused of being the Huntsville shooter owned a gun which was not registered. Perhaps a future rehash will add that there's no reason on earth it should be. Alabama has overlooked the pressing humanitarian need to register rifles, pistols, or handguns.

Imagine the comfort that would come from knowing that the murder weapon was officially recognized.


Tam said...

You laugh, but you would be amazed at how many times I have had to explain to people, transplants and native Southrons both, that it was not only not required, but actually physically impossible to register their firearms. As a matter of fact, it was illegal to do so in TN.

Jim said...

I wouldn't laugh. Clearing up misconceptions about guns, gun use, gun laws, and gun capabilities is a continuing part of life.

Although, years ago, a woman well-known and well-regarded among the local intelligensia wrote an impassioned letter to the editor referring to the unnecessary use of pistols and revolvers in skeet shooting. I confess to laughing at that one.