Mar 10, 2010


The Broad Ripple lady and her roomie are a couple of teases, what with their tropical bicycle riding pictures and all.

We have a certain amount of snow remaining, even in the sun-drenched areas -- about two feet as of Saturday when the old bridge was snapped on canal hike a few hundred yards from my quarters. There's a little less today, but getting across the field from the house to the water is still snow shoe work.

(No, you can't shoot there. It's inside the village limits and a game preserve to boot. I still carry a belt gun in deference to the cougar rumors.)


Tam said...

Do they make snow tires for bicycles?

I always hate the snow when it's here, but feel a certain ineffable sadness watching it melt. Watched Frosty... too many times when I was little, I guess.

Jim said...

With the rain, snow tires wouldn't do it. I'm scouring the ads for a tracked Schwinn.

Seeing the snow leave never makes me melancholy. That's reserved for watching the leaves fall, and I suspect your "Frosty" memory is my "Autum Leaves."

(May I say what a pleasure it is to see the word "ineffable" used approrpriately? I have run into folks in the past few years who seem to think is a polite form of the eff word.)