Mar 2, 2010

A little scatology to start your day?

Standing before the marble edifice, your humble servant unzipped and dug it out. A moment later, tucking in, he thought, "Gosh, maybe me and Teddy Roosevelt have peed in the same place, and I really gotta think about how to treat this in my memoirs."

That relief station in the Old Executive Office Building (nee State, War, Navy) remains in his memory as probably the most hideously expensive go place he ever patronized, but that may change thanks to the lust for votes of His Obamaness and the Spenders.

(Washington, D.C.)-- Planned improvements at a popular lakes area public access are getting a financial shot-in-the-arm from the federal government. U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley announced today the National Park Services (is awarding) $179,722 (for) a new shower and restroom facility at ... ."(KUOO)

The "at" is a small state park very near me, and I can't wait until its finished. Then I can hike on over when ever I want and pee and stuff with the warm glow of superiority that comes from eliminating all possibility that anyone else could possibly be using a more expensive pot than I.

I suppose someone will start mouthing off about how we're firing teachers and the roads are a mess, and we're about to raise taxes all to Hell and gone, and the objective of going camping is not really a luxury dump in HGTV-style tiled splendor anyway. Pay no attention. Your elected and appointed officials are the only ones who understand proper priorities.

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