May 8, 2010

Housekeeping note: Cranky Lit Prof is one of the funniest bloggers I've run across. She's disappeared from the TMR roll only because she seems to have taken her blog private.

EDIT: Might as well redo the whole list while I'm at it.


JohnW said...

Dang. I was just getting into CLP, too. While we're on the subject, why does your blogroll wander around like it has ambliopia?

Tam said...

Hey, Jim, do I have your email addy?

(My virtual inbox looks like my real one.)

Jim said...

Dunno, John. it set to move the blog with the latest post to the top, but other than that it's on a 12# Danforth,

Tam: Get to me first at


From there I can shoot you the address I use regularly.