May 4, 2010

Lazy range afternoon

It isn't that there was too little to do last weekend. A whim became a compulsion, however, to toss a small and ancient .22 semi into the truck and go make noise at the range.To Hell with adjusting sights, saving brass, or taking care not to scratch the iron.

I can't recall a time there hasn't been at least one RST4 kicking around the place. This one is a veteran, here since the middle '90s and, curse me, shot too seldom.

We took care of that Saturday afternoon, doing about 250 rounds worth of damage to the bulk pack of Winchesters and, in the process, entertaining some youngish beginners. To wit:

Note the hole in the12 gauge hull. It is not posted as a brag, rather as a miss and a lead-in to one of the more entertaining facts in the world of shooting. Me and Roy Rogers know that if you want to make a bean can jump impressively, miss it. Hit the dirt just under it.

I shot some holes in paper, then made a sieve out of an energy drink can. Tossing it in the trash can I noticed the shotgun empties. Heh heh heh. Three of them were lined up on the ground at 50 feet, two of them popped high in first three shots, and I heard a sort of "wow" from the kids watching the presumptuous old guy. This molestation of AA empties entertains me and maybe them through about three more magazines.

The youths thought I was hitting the little things, and of course I am not the kind to diminish Faith. When I cleaned up after myself I took one of the shells that had been holed three or four times (misses,remember) and accidentally left it on the bench for their future amusement.

Then I just sort of I just nodded as I got into the truck.


Jinglebob said...

Ahhh, old age and craftiness over comes youth and impetuousness, again!

Anonymous said...

Deceict. Deceict. Shame on you. Sounds like fun. I must convert my 1911 to its .22 persona and go make some noise.

On another tack, every time I look at one of those, I wonder if Bill was trying to copy a Nambu or a Luger. Probably have read somewhere, but you know old age. JAGSC

Jim said...

It was fun, gentlemen, and I still giggle a bit when I think of it.

What sort of 45/22 are you using, Jags? I have a commercial Colt (not Ace, dammit) living on top of a very questionable Essex SS frame. I need to hit the lottery so I can buy a commercial Colt for it.

The Essex rig shoots well, but in years of sporadic effort, I cannot find any combination of internal parts which will make the safeties function -- neither grip nor thumb.

Keads said...

Well done! Looks like fun. The only thing I can do here is put holes in paper on an indoor range.