May 14, 2010

Welcome home Jessica Watson

This is Jessica's day, the end of the voyage, round-the-world, under sail, alone, and unaided.

We need to ignore the elected nonentities and media hand wringers who said her dream should be outlawed, that it doesn't amount to much anyway (now that it is successful), and that she's a headstrong kid with no respect for authority.

Her Aussie -- and international -- detractors should shut the Hell up and concentrate on organizing a giant communal diaper and step-in wash.


Lisa said...

I bumped you on my Facebook and Twitter pages. This girl (and her parents) need to be lauded and wined and dined and celebrated. (Too bad the boat was pink.)

Shane Pleasance said...

Sha has achieved a damn sight more than I ever have.

Shane Pleasance said...

She, that is.

wrm said...

>We need to ignore the elected
>nonentities and media hand wringers
>who said her dream should be

You misspelt "inhume".