Aug 14, 2010

Me and Matt Helm

Me and Matt won the Cold War, he with his pre-war Colt Woodsman, me with my Rollei  spy camera.  He used Winchester Super Speeds. I used Tri-X pushed to 1000.  Matt covered me while I  gathered the secrets of Lubyanka and  vanquished the Red Foe. The reason we haven't whipped the Islamonazis yet is the unobtainability of  proper film.


TJP said...

Got me there. I had it all figured out for a Minolta MG, but Tri-X is getting hard to find even in 120.

If you want to buy expired color film, that's another story. If the person at the drug store can tape it to the leader, then it can be run through a C-41 machine. But it helps if that person recognizes a 110 cassette. :o)

Jim said...

I've had only a few rolls done C-41, and I didn't care for the quality. The main objection was to a faint blue tint. But I am quite ignorant about the process and should educate myself.

JohnW said...

What is the "film" of which you speak?

TJP said...

Blue tint on the negs or the inverted colors? The orange base tint of daylight film should be blue-ish when inverted.

At least, that's the way it used to be. I once ran Kodak GC 400 through my left-over E-6 chemicals (minus reversal) in sort of a pig C-41 process with reduced dev time, and got a greenish tint as a result. Scanned okay though, as does the new Kodak Ektar 100 with it's sorta reddish base tint. (All size 135 of course, since heretics no longer remember 110, and shall burn in H-E-double-hockeysticks for this sin.)

Matt Helm would probably say, "What's process C-41?"

JohnW: Sacrilege! What's "digital"? Is that like finger painting? :o)