Aug 24, 2010

Save the MSM, keep pot illegal

1. Using pot is usually  one of the stupid things people do, and I personally oppose it.

2. This does not mean sucking a joint should be a matter of concern to our elected masters.

3. However, I must withdraw my endorsement of de-criminalizing pot use on grounds that it would destroy the news operation of a nearby radio station. The penny-ante pot busts are about all that happens within the station's reporting competence and/or journalistic ambitions

4. It is tempting to wheel out a line at the expense of the cops who  get off on issuing these breathless press releases every time they  find a kid with a baggie of ditch weed, but they are, in fact, doing what they're paid to do.

1 comment:

Hilary said...

I love the heading, "Joint Investigations results in Drug Arrests." Speaking of pot....