Aug 10, 2010

Stephen Slater

Okay, so he's an effeminate effup. It's still hard not to sympathize with him and to engage in the futile hope that someone will horse whip the woman who set him off.

On the other hand, I've met more than a few stews who made +me+ want to hit the slide.

The main downside here is that this guy is likely  to go on Maddow, impress a producer somewhere,  and proceed to a long career as a media pest.


Lisa said...

Yeah, when I read she clonked him on the head with her carryon -- then went off when it was gatechecked and not immediately available upon landing, I nodded to myself and said "no jury will convict."

Also: "The man has style."

Jim said...

Yeah. And my pal Fred says he figures New York Republicans will try to recruit him to run for the U.S. Senate.