Sep 26, 2010


I transcribe with exactitude from the auction bill:
 "Mauser ModelK98K 709 mm rifle."

That would be a biggy, well into the NFA no-no class, eh?

I'll hit the sale anyway, mainly to look at the 6.35 Ortgies and the Winchester 102.

The  alternative is mowing the lawn.

EDIT: All junk. Let some other fool have the stuff. One of them returned my missing "s" in return for my not bidding it up. :)


Tam said...

What's that in inches? How heavy a shell does it throw? Does RCBS sell dies?

JohnW said...

Good thing the Karl-Gerat is SP. I don't think the TMR van is up to towing that load. I'm pretty sure that, like the Vz-48s down at the local toy store, its a handload-only proposition.

Jim said...

I checked, of course, and Bucyrus Erie is the outfit to see for reloading dies. I'm also told replacement railroad mounts are no longer vailable.

JohnW said...

Just as well. Dillon doesn't sell blue "Wide Load" signs, and there's no doubt some Pecksniff at the highway department who'd have something to say about tracks on the pavement. And let's not forget your friends at the zoning department; there's probably no place at Camp Jiggleview that would be approved for long-term parking.

TJIC said...

> Dillon doesn't sell blue "Wide Load" signs,

No, but in the copy of Blue Press that arrived today, they advertised their new .50BMG press. they're getting there!