Oct 8, 2010

Competence in South Africa

Our buddy Wouter in Capetown is a shooter, home improver, electronics geek, a jack of most, if not all, trades.  Good thing, and a good thing also that he runs with a pack of similarly competent men and women.

It takes a crowd like that to put together an international steel shoot more or less from scratch, conquering all obstacles with salvaged wire, borrowed equipment, and a can-do mindset which even allowed for reasonable handling of a strange Finn.

As a side note, the USA is listed as a  IMSSU member but we didn't seem to have anyone at the South African shoot.

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wrm said...

Hey Jim, thanks for the link.

You guys shoot IHMSA which is different from IMSSU (no idea when or where the politics, if it were that, entered).

As far as I know the result is that your handgun rules are different while your rifle rules are the same.

There was one of your countrymen at the shoot, one R. Bain, he finished fifth in his best event and further down for others -- rifle shooting is tough. I'm not a rifle shooter so I didn't get to meet or chat with him.

Thanks :-)