Oct 21, 2010

If your name is Bubba, you just KNOW.

Commenting on an American Thinker article on the Cheshire murders, an eminent firearms authority says:

Oh and in case anyone is contemplating home defense for themselves and their families, I recommened a shotgun loaded with buckshot over a handgun. It delivers a far more devastating blow on the criminal. Even if you miss, you will still stop them in their tracks and it won't go through a wall. Besides, everyone knows the sounds of a round being cycled into a pump shotgun. That is usually all it takes to make somebody think twice.

Once in a while I suggest  a short Mossy 500 for non-enthusiasts interested in a  home defense piece.  Buckshot is okay, but, on the other hand,  I recommend against missing.  I also question the wisdom of counting on clickety-clack to solve your problems  with the goblin at your bedroom door.

Love the internet. Second only to John Ford movies  in creating gun experts. 


SpeakerTweaker said...

Jim, apparently you don't understand. See, a pump 12ga is the One True Magic Wand for all, gunnie or no. In fact, the clickety-clack to which you so condescendingly refer has been known to cause goblins to actually vanish into thin air. And you can shoot backwards and still hit the goblin if you use the right choke tube.


Oh, and thanks for the link!


George said...

I know a retired Oakland (CA.) PD, CHP guy. Said he was waiting in an alley for his partner to flush a burglar out a back window. As a leg appeared, my guy racked the 12 ga. The leg retreated, and a voice from within said 'UH UHHH!'
The sound is universally known.

Jim said...

I don't mean to be argumentative, and I don't discount the personal security value of a pump gun. I'm just suspicious of that Bubba's suggestion that waving one around and cycling the action works like a cross waved at a vampire.

In my most serous encounter ever -- with a knife-armed street punk in D.C.-- two or three very good knee shots to his wedding tackle barely fazed him, so I tend to doubt the warning of a Mossberg going snickety-snick would have penetrated into his PCP soaked brain.

DirtCrashr said...

Why not just put that clackety-clack on an MP3 player at high volume? Then Liberals can play their own self-defense music...clackety-clack, rap-rap-rap.