Oct 19, 2010

Iowa Concealed Carry Reciprocity

You can whiz through the Hawkeye State on I-80 secure in the knowledge that we'll honor your CCW, even if you're using it to cover that souvenir switchblade you haggled for down in Tampico back in '72. 

The  Iowa DPS FAQ on the new shall-issue law (effective Jan 1, 2011) says:

with an Iowa issued permit. 

Now,suppose you get nabbed by a cop charged with assessing the speed tax. You are not required to tell him you are armed, but the DPS thinks you should:

QUESTION: If I am stopped by a law enforcement officer in Iowa, am I required to declare that I am carrying a loaded firearm? 

ANSWER: No, but it is really good idea. Iowa law does not require such a declaration; however, as a safety measure for both the 
permit holder and the officer, making such a declaration voluntarily is recommended and encouraged. 

You handle it your way. Personally I would would make damned sure I was talking to an actual officer rather than a costume shop customer then tell him or her if I had a weapon on my person. If the gun was tucked away in the glove box I probably wouldn't bother. Why extend a conversation you didn't want in the first place?

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