Oct 22, 2010

The Obama on Mythbusters

The subject has been well-covered except for an historical note. Mind you, I am not chastising  His Obamaness for his little joke; I am merely amused by differing standards of what constitutes horror.


Ronald Reagan's unaired  joke while recording his weekly radio address: "We begin bombing in five minutes."

Media reaction: "Oh my God. Cowboy. Cowboy. Paranoid warmonger.  Bonzo at the Button. We are doomed!"


Barack Obama on his Mythbusters cameo:  "I didn't get to blow anything up. I am a little frustrated with that."

Media reaction. (1) How cute. (2) Shrug.


Joel said...

I'm no fan of His Obamaness. But if I was going on Mythbusters, I'd damned well demand the chance to blow something up. So, actually a pretty good joke by his standards.

TJP said...

No one's worried about Obama's finger on The Button because they can't even find the launch codes.