Oct 26, 2010

Tactical Shift: More Bird Shot

The WalMart got some $60 of my money last week in return for enough Remington .22LR hollow points (550 bulk packs)  to bring the inventory to the  xx,000- round  strategic reserve target.

Ever-conscious of the benefits of financial diversification, I turn my attention to those valu-paks of 12-gauge ammunition which now retail for just under 25 cents a round. I wish they came in shot sizes larger than 7 1/2, but I'll be buying anyway.

I do not predict the end of the world as we know it, but, as my Handbook for Boys advised, that's no reason not to Be Prepared.

You object that they are lead and hence widely illegal for hunting? Pish and phoo. Comes any kind of collapse and the Pelosi forces will find greater perils than a few sick coots.


Many of you will find this little hobby of mine ridiculous, and perhaps it is. Yet you may want to note in this morning's financial press  that Ben and His Obamaness plan to, next Wednesday, announce QE2, and I urge you to slip over to Wikipedia and spend a little time reading the entry on Quantitative Easing.  

Besides, if unicornery prevails, we can always shoot the stuff at tin cans and clay birds.

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