Nov 17, 2010

Government Gropers

An idle thought: Once in a while you'll still see a woman tastefully dressed in tightish skirt. So, when she opts out of pornscan, how does the TSA manage its 360-degree grope of each leg?


JohnW said...

I don't know either, but may I watch?

Lisa said...

The TSA isn't saying; their policies and procedures are SSI (tm)-- Sensitive Security Information.

But rumor has it (via Flyertalk - they're an educated bunch over there) that it's an escort to a private screening room where she is asked to remove said skirt and is provided with a paper drape for the grope.

Hell. To the NO.

Also: This whole screening rigamarole is stupid and insane until they start scanning 100 percent of cargo, too. Duh. (That's as eloquent as I get on this topic.)

JohnW said...

Is there some part of the Fourth Amendment that I'm, missing here?

Lisa said...

I think we're missing all of it, actually.