Dec 17, 2010

"Hi. I'm Al Sharpton, better known as The Rev.Mr. Al. I have some other peoples' money and I want  your gun."

The Rev. Mr. Al's disciples will be at the church tomorrow, cash in hand, allegedly paying $200 - $600 for working guns.

(Note the picture. In the second row down, third from left, is what might be a nice old Smith spur trigger.  Don't tell Tam. She'd probably get all hostile at the thought of it being melted down for a manhole cover, especially before she can profile it as a Sunday Smith.


If you're too far away from Harlem, you can shed that pesky old Luger in Portland tomorrow.  For a fiream they'll give you a $50 local megamart gift certificate. A BB gun will net you a whopper of a $5  "Burgerville" certificate. Cheapass Oregoniads.


An idle wonder: Do they promise to turn off the surveillance cameras -- especially the ones with digital face recognition -- in and near the buyback sites?

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