Jun 6, 2011


The state of Iowa allegedly has about $20 million in the tax kitty yielded by our casino and socialized lotteries.* The slush fund is searing the pockets of our light-rail enthusiasts, particularly  Democrat State Senator Matt McCoy.

The (Iowa?) DOT tells us that for every dollar we invest in passenger rail, we’re going to get a $2.37 return from the federal government’s investment,” McCoy said.

The McCoy argument illustrates another reason we are broke. He reasons that Unicorn Rail is justified because we would be using Iowa tax money to extort cash from citizens elsewhere (albeit via a federal government  perfectly willing to facilitate the wealth redistribution).

He doesn't seem to think it might be worthwhile to investigate whether anyone to speak of would ride the damned thing. Or who would  pay to maintain it.

Matt, old buddy, what you're actually hustling here is a Cabrini Green on steel wheels.


*Iowa, Home of the Sanctified, bought into legal socialized gambling a few decades ago because we were promised it would pay for our schools, bye-bye high property taxes to support teachers' unions.  We sure are surprised it didn't work out quite like that.

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