Jun 17, 2011

Pastoral matters

If the rain holds off for another couple of hours I can get the place mowed. If not, there will be pressure to rename it Shaggy Acres. At least the Great Saturation of 2011 makes it unnecessary to water the tomatos, horseradish, and chives.

And speaking of farming, I wouldn't get too excited about that solid Senate repudiation of ethanol subsidies yesterday. It's part of one of those pretend bills which is going no where except into campaign talking points.  Likewise its death blow to ethanol import  taxes. The welfare queens of corn  will not be denied  their ethanol cocktails stirred -- not shaken -- with a golden straw.

Besides, if you read the reports even half carefully, a goodly slice of whatever money might be saved through reducing the direct subsidies would be re-shoveled into making you finance new E85-ready fuel pumps at the BP station near you. (Boot on their neck my ass, Mr. President.)  One senator called it a necessary addition to our "infrastructure."

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Anonymous said...

If you have too much water up there, you can send some down thisaway. Send Perry, too, if you like. Somebody left the door open. JAGSC