Jun 29, 2011

Perhaps you can hear my heart pounding

Checking the market close I discovered a  Ruger press release. Gunland is graced with a new one -- the SR40c. It is an SR40 chopped down enough to earn the c, for concealable. See?

I can't begin to say how wonderful it is to have another plastic gun available.

I'll bet it shoots well enough for its intended purpose if I do my part.


Joel said...

Hmph. The SR40 looks a lot like a P-Series, and I've never owned such a POS. Felt a little bad even selling it.

Think I'll just have to stick to...anything else.

JohnW said...

"Ruger has just announced that they are coming out with a new pistol in honor of Obama. It will be named the "Union Worker".

It doesn't work and you can't fire it."

Jim said...

That post was just a little sideswipe at Sturm Ruger. I didn't even investigate far enough to determine when the SR40c will be recalled.

But your comments are adding to the pressure to whip my annual anti-Ruger diatribe into shape.