Sep 11, 2011

My 9/11 offering

This photo provided by the National Championship Air Races shows Heather Penney in front of the race jet "Ragu Grace", in Reno, Nev.. Fighter pilot Heather "Lucky" Penney didn't have time to be scared. There was a hijacked commercial airliner headed to Washington, D.C., and she was ordered to stop it. On Sept. 11, 2001, Penney and her commanding officer were ordered to stop United Airlines Flight 93 from hitting a target in the nation's capital. But they didn't have any missiles or even ammunition. So Col. Marc Sasseville decided they would use their own planes to bring it down.  (AP Photo/National Championship Air Races, Tyson Rininger)
Aloft in a fighter without ammo, Lt. Penney was quite prepared  to  launch a kamakazi strike against UAL 93.

(A wide departure from the traditional  Women With Clothes On offerings, but (a) she is attractive and (b) I think the photo suggests a nobility lacking in the shot just posted of  our Narcissist-in-Chief.


(Credit National Airway Race Shows via

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