Sep 2, 2011

"Isn't this a nice dining room? Now let's see the master bedroom, but first I want to show you my Glock."

The headline is "25 per cent of Realtors armed."

On the face of it, that falls about 75 per cent short of the ideal number, but it's a start. Two problems exist, however:

A male house huckster is more likely than his female colleague  to be packing. That defies logical analysis of risk. And the survey counted carrying a knife as being armed. At least by TSA standards a fingernail clipper counts, so the the actual preparedness level of our crack housing counsellors is in question.

Too, I would listen with an open mind to a rebuttal centering on the notion that, as a class, they're too stupid and/or venal  to be trusted with lethal instruments. I mean, somebody persuaded the part-time Starbucks' baristas they could afford six bedrooms with an ocean view.


Tam said...

In "training-is-mandatory-for-CCW" Tennessee, I knew one instructor who used to give free classes to realtors. The attendees were overwhelmingly female. I though it was pretty cool.

Jim said...

I think so, too.

Around here, most of the folks I know who have taken the manadatory course think it's a joke -- three and a half hours of lecture and a little written test. (I didn't have to "train." My DD214 got me out of it.)

Jim said...

mandatory, sheesh