Sep 2, 2011

Minitru in Canada relents

Canadian radio listeners may once again listen to a  pop song around for 26 years..

Canadian radio stations can resume playing Dire Straits' Money For Nothing* after a ban on the song was lifted.
The 1985 hit single was taken off the airwaves in January after a listener in Newfoundland complained about Mark Knopfler's use of the word "faggot".
His lyrics were deemed to be in a breach of a human rights clause in Canada's broadcasting code.
The offended Newfie bitched to official Ottawa censors. The Goodsing Committee sat around for eight months listening to the faggot song before deciding "faggot" was okay since it was meant as satire.  Besides, the word appeared only once  two or three times in an eight-minute piece, so it had "context."

I dunno quite how to interpret all this, but maybe you should check with your barrister  before tweeting a faggot to Ontario in 140 characters or fewer.

 Personally, I  like to toss a short faggot into the fireplace every once in a while.

*No, Ben Bernanke didn't write it, but can you blame me for checking?


h/t John of the GMA


SpeakerTweaker said...

I have not yet consumed the proper amount of Magic Morning Fuel to assemble a quality response to this. I keep getting tangled up in liberals, Canada, US parallels, and shipping out the hippies en masse.

The only coherent thought I can generate is that the word 'faggot' appears twice: once over his jet airplance and again over his millionaire status.


Lisa said...

Really? The Canuckistanis deprived their entire nation of Mark Knopfler's Stratocaster over that??

(Psst, Mr. Mountie? The whole song is satire - you know, "Now look at them yo-yo's, that's the way you do it, You play the guitar on the M.T.V. That ain't working, that's the way you do it, Money for nothing and your chicks for free.")

Anonymous said...

Maybe it dawned on the censors they would have to outlaw all bassoons from Canadian symphony orchestras. JAGSC

John B said...

Actually the word 'faggot' appears three times in that tirade.


Home of the expression. Nobody ever raped a .38

Captain Halitosis said...

I was pleased to observe one of my nephews calling one of his friends a faggot. That was one of my favorite slurs while I was in junior high school and I assumed that it was made extinct by the PC Police. There is still hope for this country.

Jim said...

Thanks for catching my thinko on the number of faggots. I stand corrected.

"Bassoons" JAGSC? I had to look it up. Then I grinned.