Oct 23, 2011

The lesson of the standing willow

When a comely lady  distracts you as you install a fresh chain on your Stihl, you might might put it on backwards. You will discover this when you try to fell the middling-size willow that's leaning too far over your driveway.

No, moving to the other side of the tree is not a solution.


Joel said...

When I worked in a saw shop, I once installed a customer's chain backward and actually delivered it to him that way.

When he later pointed out this error to me, I explained "Well, sure. Put it on the other way and it'll get all dull."

Jim said...


JohnMXL said...

Isn't putting saw loops on backwards part of the Ministry of Health (MinHealth) plan to reduce injuries and deaths among chainsaw users?

Can't have all those sharp cutting edges spinning around at high speed - someone might get hurt!