Oct 18, 2011

Why I am not (quite) broke yet

Too much time yesterday was spent in trying to work up enough rage to  cremate a Keystone Pipeline story in the Washington Post. I'll get to it, but the mood this morning remains too mellow.  It's probably the creature comforts as raw weather sets in.


Years ago a friend gave me a shirt, a thick, bright red mixture of wool and coal-tar derivatives, and it is still the treasured wardrobe king from October through March. It is just out of summer storage.

I sadly observed that it is missing a button. I regretted that I had no appropriate replacement in the button locker. I declined to drive to town to purchase a card of usable buttons for $x.99. So I called up my econometrical spread sheet on my electric computer and computed a viable alternative.

Even allowing for electrical costs; even carefully considering wear and depreciation of the drill press and bit,  it is an optimal fiscal solution. Thank you,  Mr. Bernanke.

N.B. Should the chosen cent bear a date earlier than 1982, the AlGorerithms  are significantly altered and you should go to town and buy a button.


Jinglebob said...

Ahh, ye are a wise man.

But we all knew that, didn't we?

Next time the TP supply runs low, perhaps greenbacks will suffice?

When you coming out here and hunting? I know we have an unlimited supply of the venerable clay pigeons.

Jim said...

You're too kind, pardner.

Currency as wipe? Could be. We're both old enough to remember when lighting a smoke with a dollar bill made a funny cartoon gag because of its monstrous unthinkability.

Damn, but I wish there was a western jaunt in the picture this fall, but I'm afraid it isn't.