Oct 4, 2011

You know you're gun freak when:

You discover that you use more auto-polishing goop in your brass tumbler than on your vehicles.

You discover it when the knock-around mini-van looks like it ought to be sitting in front of a taqueria  in a land where English is not the native tongue. This thing hasn't been washed since the summer of '10 and not even much rained on since June. So wash it. It looks so much better clean, why not slap on a coat of polish?

The shed, where last year I distinctly recall seeing three of four jugs or partial jugs of the stuff  was bereft. Guess I didn't keep track of how many times I raided it in order to create an eye-burning sheen on my .45 ACP reloads.

Related frugality check. Long ago I checked the price of specialized magic brass polish from Midway or Brownell's or someplace like that. For the same money you could get the polish or a brick of .22s. So I wondered how car polish would work, especially since I get if for about a dime a pint in dollar boxes at auctions.

The short answer is "identically."  So gimme a brick of those Winchesters, Mr. Vendor.

That level of cheapskatedness sounds pretty compulsive, and perhaps it is, but practiced over a period of time it enhances the ammo stock and even the pistol racks.

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