Dec 7, 2011

Oh, Brave New World

I  still cling bitterly to the belief that the last important inventions were the Model 94 Winchester and the Zenith Transceanic radio. But it can be hard.

About once a month New Dog Libby's dietary needs send me reluctantly to WalMart  for 44 pounds of Purina Dog Chow in an Ol' Roy bag. This was such a day. The crowd was thin, thank God, but I had forgotten to activate my anti-impulse  circuits.

The new, cheap flat-panel HDTV is better in every respect that the bulky monster it has replaced. Merely saving space in the small living room made it worthwhile, never mind the better picture and curse-free setup.

Nevertheless, I feel like a primitive Baptist who has just discovered  Charles Darwin.

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Jinglebob said...

Now, get hooked up with Dish and get the DVD deal so you can record with it. then scroll thru' the upcoming shows on the guide, set them to record, watch at your leisure and skip thru' all the adds. Maybe there HAVE been a few improvements since indoor plumbing, the model 94 and rolled up toilet paper!

WV word is minyworm. As apposed to a maxi worm?