Dec 24, 2011

Sons of Guns and the BATF

In re: Red Jacket Armory and Soap Opera; BATFEieio; Discovery Channel;  Sons of Guns.

Retaining my general view that anything Holder's Batfee does will be an affront to civil liberties and logical throught processes, I can't  whip up much excitement about this one.

For one thing it's a chore to figure out who did what to whom and who still owns what ever is left of the company. Don't tell me. Don't care.

For another, my tolerance for contrived drama has faded to zero since the days when I got puckerbutted about whether Trigger would untie Roy in time to escape the murderin' rustlers. And whether Tonto could really pull the Lone Ranger and Silver out of the quicksand under a hail of  Comanche arrows.

'course, there was that great episode on mounting a couple of M242s and a grenade launcher on the sherf's river boat. That'll  learn them catfish poachers and pot puffers a  thing ot two.

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