Dec 12, 2011

Survival according to Mommie Dot.Guv

A sign of the season has arrived, my government's annual hints from the Highway Patrol about avoiding death and other inconvenience on our wintry roads.

A winter survival kit should include items such as a coffee can or container, a candle, matches, sand or kitty litter, some candy bars, extra blankets, a shovel and a working cell phone.

I'll forgive the omission of a well-tuned 1911 and several charged magazines.  I can overlook the absence of a flashlight. After all, these little public relations fluff jobs are meant for people qualified to operate neither.

But why a can AND  kitty litter? Seems to me that if you're traveling without a cat one or the other would suffice. And even if  you have Tabby with you, couldn't you share? I mean, it's an emergency and all.


Jack said...

I'd be careful about kitty litter. If the snow is wet enough, the KL just turns to mud. Sand is a much better setup.

KurtP said...

My mom told me about the same thing when i was learning to drive about 35 years ago up in the great white north.
Aside from using the can to keep the stuff together, it can be used as a kind of stove.

One thick, stubby candle can keep a car warm for almost a day, and having something non-flammable to put it on would help.