Dec 23, 2011

To arms! Man the barricades! Save the '03 Springfields!

For decades the Fort Snelling Memorial Rifle Squad has been honoring deceased veterans with the hallowed three-volley rifle salute. As a matter of tradition and preference it has used the United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Model 1903.

Now some tax-sucking  Sad Sack furshlugginer chair-warming feather merchant gold brick of an REMF wants to take the '03 Springfields back and give the boys them  new-fangled M1 Garands.

Give up that soothing "snickity-snack-smack" of a well-lubed and competently handled '03 action?  Suffer the  excruciating pain of the M1 thumb? All because some moldy asshole found an old rule in a stupid book in  perfidious Washington?

"No!"  says the hand-picked,all-volunteer squad, and "No!" say we.

Resist!  Support the Boys of Pointe du Snell, even if it takes an act of of Congress, which it might.

h/t : PM from author of The World's Greatest Travel Blog

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