Jan 10, 2012

The Associated Press in New Hampshire reports...

... that Mitt said: "If I am president of the United States, I will not forget New Hampshire," 

Translation: About your votes, people. If you're selling, I'm buying.  Hideous, but politics as usual. It's just that Romney has been losing control of his tongue lately and needs a state-of-the art teleprompter as bad as His Ineptness. But this is an attributed quotation and therefore not the AP's fault.

This is:

Third place was being discussed as the equivalent of a win for much of the field because Paul, the quirky Texas congressman, seemed to have a lock on the No. 2 spot. 

So, the world's greatest wire service, on it's own, in a narrative, assumes the authority to inform the world who is and is not quirky -- and thus how the significance of the voters' choices should be measured.

 Not so very long ago, that sort of editorializing in a straight news report would have landed the AP reporter's partisan or incompetent ass in the street -- right on top of  the editor who filed it to the wire.

C'mon AssPress. Give yourself something to be proud of for a change.


Joel said...

In this primary, nobody ever got spanked for laughing at Paul. They tried ignoring him and he didn't go away, so...

Jim said...

About 12 hours after that post, I noticed that Gannett picked up the "quirky" adjective for Paul.

I suppose we'll see it again. Journos may have decided it's a safe code word for "bat-shit- crazy enough to want an America of free folks operating with real money."