Jan 4, 2012

But serously, folks...

If all of Paul's speeches had been delivered with the good-natured fire of his address last night -- as he acknowledged his close third-place finish -- he would have won more caucus votes.

As it happened, his 21per cent is impressive enough, earned in a region in love with massive farm subsidies and disproportionately full of retirees attached to their Social Security checks and subsidized health care.* A place of fervor in its belief that tossing money at schools advances education.  A place that argues the morality and effectiveness of laws requiring Americans to burn food in their in their vehicles.

And, yes, it does represent a step forward in the great argument that liberty is preferable in every way to legislative and bureaucratic compulsion. Well done, Dr. Paul, and an appreciative nod to your people who helped make it happen.

*Guilty, Your Honor, but begging the Court's leave to offer a brief explanation.


DirtCrashr said...

Corn is Pork! I thought all the retirees moved to FL? I hope Dr. Paul's strong showing forces the Establishment's Designated Mittens to move rightward.

Jim said...

Dern tootin' corn is pork. 'course, there's some assembly required. :

Another topic: Your photos of that roadie along the coast made me both nostalgic and jealous. Is ther any way a guy can, err, "do" California without encountering Californians other than yourself?

DirtCrashr said...

Hey Jim! A lot of the people you'll run into along the Coast during the winter are probably driving-down (or up) from somewhere else as part of the great Winnebago-Run! Also on that trip the Motorcyclists were light: Sport-Squids usually buzz-bomb past in a blink, the Rolling Thunder types take a little longer - and scratch a moto-head and you find a gunny.
The Ritz (never been there before) was packed with $noot-on-Fruit: foreigners and the Uber-Wealthy, once is enough, they self-select to keep out of your way anyhow. :-)