Jan 20, 2012

Friday morning roundup

--The calendar notwithstanding, stalwarts of the northern plains are looking at the first day of winter, ankle-deep snow, cold enough to make  you think about the cost of fuel, and a wind very clever at finding those little  cracks and gaps you forgot to recaulk last fall.

--The four inches of  fresh snow shocked New Dog Libby this morning. She assumed her normal position for answering nature's call, instantly resumed a full upright pose, thought it over, and in due course achieved relief with a much shallower squat.

-- The electric teevee can be almost as entertaining on a gloomy morning as a young lab.  Joe Scarborough built a long segment around Colbert whose run for the presidency is a  funny concept, though wearing thin. Still, Colbert redeemed himself by endorsing -- fairly seriously as far as I could tell -- Ron Paul.

--The debate last night was insufferably banal, although I had to grin at John  King's discomfort when Newt went into his self-righteous junkyard dog mode. 


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