Jan 14, 2012

Gun auction giggle

To be sold tomorrow at an auction near me:

"Hi-Standard USA Model H-D 22 long rifle, practice gun."

I think I'll go and practice bidding; always liked that H-D Military iron, and the "practice" may be a country auctioneer's way of describing a higher-grade target model. 

H-Ds remind me of English automobiles from my youth -- lots of fun, very sporty, just so long as you don't mind  tuning them up every week or so. And they nicely illustrate a British (and French, for that matter) principle of industrial design. "I say, Cyril, why use only one part when three will make it work almost as well."

(This comes to mind because I've been reading more about Obama's passion for EuroSoc economic designs. It's just a revival of the recurring American notion that it's very hip and cool to import horse apples from the Old World and see if they taste better here.) 


Also a Remington No. 4 in .22. Hmmmm. Don't need one of, course, but...

UPDATE: The High Standard was so-so and brought in the $400s. Out of the question. (No one knew why the "practice" word was used.) The No. 4 was fair. I was the second-highest bidder at something like $275, and, on reflection, I'm glad  not to own it. There's no shortage of wall hangers around here.


strandediniowa said...

May the bidding be in your favor.

Being cash poor, I'll bid vicariously through you.

Good luck

JohnW said...

"The French copy no one, and no one copies the French."